Allied Mktg. Insurance

Allied Mktg. Insurance

The local agency for Florida Blue

The Allied Marketing Insurance Group's priority is to provide their diverse clientele with the best service possible by basing their service model on their needs.

Allied Mktg. Insurance
Easy to use

Their goal is to build a strong relationship with the clients and client satisfaction is their number one objective.

Website Development

As an authorized Florida Blue Cross Blue Shield agent, we needed to create a website that was both aligned with the Florida Blue Cross Blue Shield brand as well as their own.

Because our client runs frequent online marketing campaigns, the website allows visitors to subscribe to LG Diganostic's newsletter. This way, our client can keep its customers close while customers are happy to receive periodic discounts, beauty tips & tricks, and other relevant information.

Online Advertising

The new website serves as a lead generation hub for their Google paid search ads and Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns.