Web Design & Facelift

Web Design & Facelift

Attract and engage the user, communicate your brand and raise awareness.

A business without a website online is like a brick-and-mortar business without any signage on its storefront. It becomes virtually impossible for your customers to find you.

And if your customers can’t decipher where to go or how to make a purchase? You can almost certainly say goodbye to that sale.

A beautiful website is one thing, but a beautiful website that helps you generate leads and make money is something entirely different.

At Magnet Digital, we pride ourselves on creating the latter so that you can focus on your business while we generate the leads for you.

Nothing breaks a customer’s trust quite like an inaccurate or broken website. One thing remains true, though—customers demand up-to-date information and functioning websites to make a purchase.

With our maintenance packages, you can rest assured that your site will be in capable hands no matter what.

First impression matters

Your website is the central hub to all your marketing and advertising efforts, both offline and online. It is critically important that your site is designed with a purpose and performs well.  We can help your business by building fast loading, user-friendly, awesome websites.

Branding and logo design

Graphic and UI design

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Website Facelift

Websites should also evolve along with the business as it grows. Not updating your website is like wearing old clothes. After a while, it just starts to look bad. 

If your website needs an update, creating a brand-new website may not be needed. A Website Facelift may be a faster and low-cost option for improving your website. The goal of the facelift is to help your SEO and convert visitors into customers.

The Website Facelift service includes one free month of Essential SEO service. 

Don’t risk losing leads, sales, and fans because of an ancient or inaccurate website.

Keep your online presence as up-to-date as your storefront with a little help from our team.

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Site navigation

CRM Integration

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